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Crisis Pregnancy may be hard to face.  It can help to talk to someone.

Talk to us today, we will listen.

Crisis or Unplanned Pregnancy Support and Counselling

Cura Cares Crisis Pregnancy Support Services Ireland

An unplanned pregnancy or a crisis during a pregnancy may be a time of anxiety and stress. Taking the time you need to look at your issues and thoughts can help.

It can help to talk to someone who is not personally involved and who can help you find the answers to your questions... read more

Counselling after an Abortion

Cura Ireland Crisis Pregnancy School Awareness program

Women can experience a range of emotions after an abortion including a sense of loss and sadness. Women cope with their situation and emotions in different ways.

You may feel supported by your friends, partner or family members or feel unable to talk to anyone.... read more

Support for Mothers and Fathers of a New Baby

Cura Cares Ireland, Support for mothers

New baby? Feeling isolated, Alone, Tired, Stressed, Worried, Tearful. Being the parent of a new baby, even if it's not your first, can be challenging.

Although the birth of a new baby can bring much joy and excitement it is also a challenging and overwhelming... read more

Cura Schools Awareness Programme

This programme is aimed at students from 2nd year of the junior cycle upwards and preferably takes two class periods to deliver.

It is best delivered to a single class to optimise the opportunity for discussion.

This Programme is available to all schools and is free of charge. If you are interested in the Schools... read more

Support for Grandparents

An unplanned pregnancy in a family can be difficult for all involved. As parents you may experience your own challenges and anxieties in relation to your son’s or daughter’s unplanned pregnancy, their future and the possible effects on you and your own home life. 

You may be the person whose support is most needed by your son or daughter at this time. Cura counsellors read more